10 Pieces of Lamp #756 (Chicago Miniature)
100 Pieces of Tyco 5-554720-3 RJ45 Modular Plug
15-Inch 5-Pin Mini-A to Mini-B USB OTG Cable
25-Key Membrane Switch Keypad MSK-025
650-4648 6 GHz RF Port Module for LTX-Credence ASL 3000
8-Inch Flat Ribbon Cable with 10-Pin Female Headers
A Box of 6 Millipore Planargard CM1101E06 CMP Filters
A Box of 6 Mykrolis Planargard CMP902E06 CMP Filters
A Pair of Verteq Matching Transformer 1084337.1
ABS Project Box with Lid (Foggy Surface)
Acer BTP-42C1 Notebook Battery
ACT-IR100SL-M Intelligent IR Port
Advance Transformer VC-1P40-TP
Airpax UPG11-4470-3 Circuit Breaker
Allen-Bradley 500-TOA94 Ser B Contactor
Allen-Bradley 700-CRT6 Contact Cartridge
AMAT 0680-00691 (Siemens B215R)
AMF Potter & Brumfield KA11DG-24V Relay
AMP 504609 ST-FSD Zip Style Fiber Optic Cable (20ft)
AMX AXB-REL8 Relay Controller
AMX AXCENT 3 Integrated Axcess Controller
Apollo (or GE) DYS/DYV/BHC 120V-600W Projection Lamp
Apollo (or USHIO) EVD 36V 400W Projection Lamp
Apollo (or Wiko) FNT 24V 275W Projection Lamp
ARCOL HS50 50W 15 Ohm Resistor
ARCOL HS50 50W 200 Ohm Resistor
ARCOL HS50 50W 330 Ohm Resistor
ARCOL HS50 50W 680 Ohm Resistor
ASCO HTX80143 Solenoid and 8222B54 Valve
Ashcroft LDAN4HB25 XHXFS Snap Action Switch for Pressure Control
Ashcroft Pressure Gauge 15W1001TH 01B XUC #30
Ashcroft Pressure Gauge 15W1005PH 01B #30
Audio/Video Equipment
AULT SC102TA0503F01 AC Adapter (5V DC Output)
Avenger (TI Part # 2961695-0002)
Ballast & Lamp
Banner Engineering MB3-4 Photoelectric Amplifier Logic Module
Bearings & Pulleys
BEI H25D-SS-1024-A-7406-LED-EM16-S
Benchmark Media Systems IFA-3 Stereo Balanced Output Amplifier
Benchmark Media Systems IFA-3 Stereo Balanced Output Amplifier with AXB-VOL3 Volume Control
Breakers, Contactors
Bren-Tronics BTC-UN108 (PP-8444A/U) Battery Charger
Brother PT-PC Label Printer
Cables, Adapters, Terminators
Cajon 321-16-X-3 Flex Hose
Canon QH3-3374-000 AC Adapter
Canon RE-650 MKII Video Visualizer

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