25-Key Membrane Switch Keypad MSK-025

25-Key Membrane Switch Keypad:

Top layer material: Polycarbonate.

2nd layer (column): Polyester/silver paste.

3rd layer (spacer): Polyester.

Bottom layer (row): Polyester/silver paste.

Operating Life: > 5 million times.

Operating Temp.: -20 to +75 Degree C.

Contact Resistance: < 30ohm.

Contact Bounce: < 5ms.

Dielectric Strength: 1,500V.

Withstand Voltage: 250V/60Hz for 1 minute.

Connector: 0.1" center-center, 10-pin in-line female.

Mounting: Peel-off adhesive back.

Key Dimension: 0.1875" diameter.

Pad Dimensions: 2.75"(W) x 4.8125"(L).

For 20-Key application, simply cut off the blue section. For 16-Key application, cut off both blue & green sections. Super for solderless breadboard projects.

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